Bayesian Belief Networks

The Guadiana case study (UCM+IGME), jointly with WP1.7 (UPM) and WP1.5 (GEUS) and WB4 (OUCE-CEH) has implemened a Bayesian Belief Network for the Guadiana basin. Bayesian Belief Networks are often applied as participatory decision support systems to address uncertainty in natural resources management.

After several preparation reunions (see calendar below), five stakeholders meetings have been organized to this purpose. These involved the main stakeholder collectives grouped as per common interests.

The first was held on May 10, at the headquarters of the Agricultural Dept. of the Castilla-La Mancha regional government (Ciudad Real). This meeting involved this institution as well as several farmer collectives. The second was held at UCM on May 16, and was attended by the Guadiana Water Authority and environmental conservation organizations. Both meetings served the purpose of defining the main water management variables to include in the network.

The picture was taken during the meeting in Ciudad Real (May 10, 2007).

The picture was taken during the meeting in Ciudad Real,on May 10, 2007.


Calendar of activities: