Deliverables of Work Block 5: International Expert and Thematic Platforms

Deliverable No.

Deliverable Title

Deliverable Author

NeWater D 5.1.1

The Relationship between IWRM and Adaptive Management - Discussion Input for Newater International Platforms (Newater Working Paper 3)

Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Jan Sendzimir

NeWater D 5.1.2

The European platform. Overview of results

Jos G. Timmerman

NeWater D 5.1.3

The Adaptiveness of IWRM Analysing European IWRM research

Editors: J. Timmerman, C. Pahl-Wostl, J. Möltgen

NeWater D 5.1.4

Adaptive Water Management: How to Cope with Uncertainty

Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Paul Jeffrey, Marcela Brugnach, Jan Sendzimir

NeWater D 5.1.5

Transboundary Regimes and the Role of Information

Jos G. Timmerman, Eduard Interwies

NeWater D 5.1.6

Towards Adaptation to Impacts of Climate Change

Valentina Krysanova, Fred Hattermann

NeWater D 5.1.7

Key Messages of the CAIWA Conference 2007

Dagmar Ridder, Claudia Pahl-Wostl

NeWater D 5.2.1

Report on Newater Platform Supported Activities - Overview of synthesis products, platform activities and events, comparative studies and summer schools

Fons Jaspers, Catharien Terwisscha van Scheltinga

NeWater D 5.2.2

Reports on Assessments of Newater Tools Training in GWP Regions

F Jaspers, D.J.Thalmeinerova

NeWater D 5.2.3

Dissemination of NeWater Results via the GWP Toolbox - Cooperation of NeWater and the Global Water Partnership (GWP)

C. Knieper, D.J.Thalmainerova, F.Jaspers

NeWater D 5.2.4

This Deliverable is Part of D 5.2.1