Final NeWater Conference:

Adaptive Integrated Water Resources Management under Uncertainty

- Results from the NeWater Project -
17th - 19th of November 2008 in Seville

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Water managers and policy makers face many challenges. They have to meet various, often conflicting demands with limited resources, face much uncertainty (e.g. concerning climate change) and often lack effective tools. To help them to meet these challenges, the European NeWater project has further developed the concept of Adaptive Integrated Water Resources Management (AIWM). The concept is based on the notion that the best way to manage water resources is to increase our capacity to learn from experience and adapt to change and uncertainty.

Aim of the conference

The central aim of the final NeWater conference is to present the experiences gained over the last four years of the NeWater project in the development, enhancement and/or use of various methods and tools for AIWM, and to discuss these experiences with water managers, policy makers and researchers. In addition, European research projects such as AquaStress or RiskBase have been invited to contribute.


The conference will present results and experiences from seven different case study basins to support AIWM in practice. These include the Rhine, Elbe, Guadiana and Tisza basins in Europe, the Amudarya in Central Asia, and the Orange and Nile basin in Africa. Specifically the conference will present:

To facilitate exchange, many sessions will allow ample time for interaction and discussions. Further we offer a Marketplace: Posters, Models, Books, Videos et al will demonstrate the wide span of knowledge and experiences gathered within the NeWater and other European projects. For further information on the marketplace, please contact Dagmar Ridder (Seecon Deutschland; dagmar.ridder[at]

Target Audience

The conference is intended for water policy makers/advisors and water managers working at the EU, national and basin levels, as well as researchers from academic institutions.

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Conference Organizer: Ilke Borowski & Britta Kastens, University of Osnabrück,
                                           (phone: +49(0)541-969-3328; email: contact[at]