Andrew Ross

Position: PHD Scholar, Fenner School for Environment and Society, Australia National University

 Academic Qualifications
B.A (Econ), Cambridge University, UK, M.A. (Econ), Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada.
Research Interests
Integrated and adaptive water management, institutional and distributional aspects of surface and groundwater management, sustainable development policy integration and implementation and agri-environmental policy.
Current projects and previous experience
Andrew is working on a PHD at the Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University on institutional and distributional aspects of surface and groundwater management, funded by Land and Water Australia. He is completing work on comparative case studies of adaptive water management in the Murray Darling Basin in collaboration with NeWater a major EU-funded international project. Before joining the ANU (1985-2004) Andrew was a Director at the Commonwealth Departments of Environment and Heritage and the Treasury. He worked at the OECD for a year in 1999-2000. 
Recent and pending publications
Ross, A, S, Moellenkamp and C Pahl Wostl and A Lenschow (2008, pending), ‘The role of higher level influences on multi-level river basin management. Enhancing a transition towards adaptive management? Insights from the Rhine and the Murray Darling basins”.
Ross, A. and P Martinez-Santos, “The challenge of groundwater governance: case studies from Spain and Australia”, in review Regional Environmental Change.
Ross, A. and S Dovers (2008 pending), ‘Very Hard Yards: Environmental Policy Integration in Australia’, Australian Journal of Public Administration.
Ross, A. and S Dovers (2007), Policy Integration for Sustainable NRM: Joint Research and Policy Learning, report of Land and Water Australia project ANU-50, Canberra.
Ross, A. (2005), ‘National Institutions for Sustainable Development: The Challenge Of Long Term Policy Integration’, Australasian Journal of Environmental Law and Policy, Vol 10, No1.