Background Reading for NW –GWSP Summer School 2008 Sessions
Version 3.0 of reading list: 23 June 2008
In preparation for the summer school, the instructors request that you review the readings below in advance of their sessions.  For the two or three sessions that are still missing articles, these may be added in the week ahead.  

Introduction to basic concepts of Adaptive Management.
Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Paul Jeffrey, (Wed. July 09)
Pahl-Wostl. C. 2007. Requirements for Adaptive Water Management. In: Pahl-Wostl, Kabat and Möltgen (eds). Adaptive and Integrated Water Management. Coping with Complexity and Uncertainty, Springer Verlag.
Downloadable at the end of this page
Medema, W., B.S. McIntosh, and P. Jeffrey. From Premise to Practice: An assessment of IWRM and Adaptive Management Approaches in the Water Sector. Document
Downloadable at the end of this page
Freshwater Ecology
Jay O’Keeffe - (Thu. July 10)
No reading assigned yet
Concepts of Resilience  
Jan Sendzimir (Thu. July 10)

Sendzimir, J. Critical examination of resilience theories and measures. Deliverable 6. Work package 4. Complexity: Agents, Volatility, Evidence and Scale
Downloadable at the end of this page ________________________________________________________________
Systems dynamics modeling
Jan Sendzimir – (Friday July 11)

Jac A. M. Vennixa. Group model-building: tackling messy problems. Jay Wright Forrester Prize Lecture, 1999.
Downloadable at the end of this page

Sendzimir, J., P. Magnuszewski, Z. Flachner, P. Balogh, G. Molnar, A. Sarvari, and Z. Nagy. 2007. Assessing the resilience of a river management regime: informal learning in a shadow network in the Tisza River Basin. Ecology and Society 13(1): 11.  URL:

The Role of Participatory Processes
 Matt Hare (Mo July 14 and Tu. July 15)
Chapters 7 & 8 of :
Giupponi, C. Jakeman, A.J., Karssenberg, D. & Hare, M. (Eds.) Sustainable management of water resources: an integrated approach. Edward Elgar: Chichester.
(if this book is not available in your university library we will make a couple of copies available for circulation at the outset of the summer school)
Pahl-Wostl. C. & Hare, M.P. (2004) Processes of social learning in integrated resources management.Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology. 14: 193-206
 Scenario analysis 
Joseph Alcamo (Changed to Weds July 16) (reading added 23 June)

Joseph Alcamo. The SAS Approach: Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Knowledge in Environmental Scenarios. Chapter 6 in Environmental Futures: The Practice of Environmental Scenario Analysis. (2008)Elsevier.
Downloadable at the end of this page

Adaptive Management in Practice – the Orange Basin, South Africa.
Roland Schulze. (Thu. July 17)
R.E. Schulze. Risk, Hazards and Vulnerability within a context of hydrological risk management: a conceptual framework and examples from South Africa. Chapter 6.
Downloadable at the end of this page

NEW (added 20 Jun): Nicci Diederichs, et al. 2005. Orange River Basin Baseline Assessment Report. NeWater Draft report Downloadable at the end of this page

Africa – the GLOWA project – Volta River
Dr. Eva Youkhana/ Dr.Wolfram Laube, University of Bonn.(Thu. July 17)

No reading assigned yet


Introduction to WISE Portal and NW Portal
 Jörn Moeltgen (changed to Thu. July 17)
No reading assigned yet
Adaptive Management in Practice – Murray-Darling Basin, Australia.
Andrew Ross (Fri July 18)
Australian National Water Initiative
Connell, Daniel. Contrasting Approaches to Water Management in the Murray-Darling Basin. Australasian Journal of Environmental Management. Volume 14 Issue 1 (Mar 2007).  
Downloadable at the end of this page
Adaptive Management in Practice - Amudarya River Basin
Darya Hirsch (Fri July 18)
Darya Hirsch (2008). Problems and perspectives of water user associations in Uzbekistan, In: Wehrheim, P., Schoeller-Schletter, A., Martius, Ch. (Eds.) Continuity and change Land and water use reforms in rural Uzbekistan Socio-economic and legal analyses for the region Khorezm, IAMO, 129-145.
Prof. Victor Dukhovny (2003) Integrated Water Resources Management in the Aral Sea Basin, Prepared for the 3rd World Water Forum Regional Cooperation in Shared Water Resources in Central Asia Kyoto, March 18, 2003

 Irrigation water shortage could mean disaster for Uzbekistan. In  Journal of Turkish Weekly. May 2008. http://www.turkish

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