Invitation to review process

NeWater is very interested in providing targeted advice to European water managers and water policy makers. Three of its products are the Guidebook on Adaptive Water Management, the Guidance and Training package for Adaptive Water Management, and the Online Curriculum on Adaptive Water Management.

The Guidebook is specifically tailored for practical application in water management, presenting tools developed in NeWater and experiences from case studies on issues including public participation, participatory modelling, uncertainty, indicators, monitoring, vulnerability, adaptive capacity, integration, assessment tools and decision support tools, economic tools, climate projection, toolboxes and social learning.

For the guidebook, we would be especially interested in feedback from water managers, policy makers and practitioners familiar with the Water Framework Directive and Integrated Water Resource Management.

The Guidance and Training package is developed for water managers and water practitioners. The focus of the training material is upon encouraging the adaptive aspects of the principles behind Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) as defined by the Global Water Partnership (GWP) and the use of new promising tools and of enhanced existing tools to realize AWM.

For the Guidance and Training package we would appreciate feedback from people with experience in training and capacity building for practioners working with IWRM and AWM. From these people we would like to hear suggestions for improving the material's applicability for practitioners in the field.

The Online Curriculum is intended for academic instructors and includes most of the same topics as the guidebook. It is therefore also potentially useful for supplementing the knowledge and understanding of those working in water management and policy development. For the Online Curriculum we encourage reviewers who have academic teaching experience in topics that fall in the realm of AWM or IWRM.

We would like to invite you to help us by providing us your input. You may register as a reviewer on the conference registration form here.

We will then contact you and provide a more detailed invitation for feedback.

Your comments are warmly welcomed and will be considered for the revised version of the product.