Deliverables of Work Block 1: Transition towards Adaptive Management in River Basins

Deliverable No.

Deliverable Title

Deliverable Author

NeWater D 1.1.1

IWRM and Adaptive Management - Synergy or Conflict?

Wietske Medema, Paul Jeffrey

NeWater D 1.1.2

Paradigms in Water Management

Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Nicola Isendahl, Sabine Möllenkamp, Marcela Brugnach, Paul Jeffrey, Wietske Medema, Tony Tessa de Vries

NeWater D 1.1.3

Identification of Major Sources of Uncertainty in current IWRM Practice and Integration into Adaptive Management

P. van der Keur, H.J. Henriksen, J.C. Refsgaard, M. Brugnach, C. Pahl-Wostl, A. Dewulf, H. Buiteveld

NeWater D 1.1.4

Integrated Management and Transition Framework

Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Patrick Huntjens, Jörn Möltgen, Marcela Brugnach, Roel van Raak, Rutger van der Brugge, Jaroslav Mysiak, Raziyeh Farmaci, Raffaele Giordano

NeWater D 1.1.5

Integrating Knowledge Across Disciplines - Experiences from the NeWater project

Art Dewulf, Greet François, Johan Hovelynck, Tharsi Taillieu

NeWater D 1.2.1

Governance, Institutions and Participation - A comparative assessment of current conditions in selected countries in the Rhine, Amu Darya and Orange basins

D. Huitema, G. Becker

NeWater D 1.2.2

Public Participation in Information Management - Overview of participatory tools and their contribution to adaptive river basin management

G.T. Raadgever, E. Mostert

NeWater D 1.2.3

Model of Water Management Regimes

Eva Ebenhoeh

NeWater D 1.2.4

Adaptive Flood Management: The Role of Insurance and Compensation in Europe

L.M. Bouwer, D. Huitema, J.C.J.H. Aerts

NeWater D 1.2.5

Coupling Strategies in Water Management - An explorationon the basis of literature from the policy science and related fields

Dave Huitema, Wouter Egas, Simone Hanegraff, Stefan Kuks, Kris Lulofs

NeWater D 1.2.6

This Deliverable is combined with D 1.3.7a. as a chapter in D 3.2.4


NeWater D 1.2.7

Does Collaboration Enhance Learning? - The case of future flood management in the Rhine basin

G.T. Raadgever

NeWater D 1.2.8

Report international symposium on water transitions, 3 and 4 July 2008, KNAW, Amsterdam

Dave Huitema

NeWater D 1.2.9

Draft Book - Water Policy in International Perspective: A Research Companion to the Role of Policy Entrepeneurs in Water Transitions

Dave Huitema, Sander Meijerink

NeWater D 1.2.10

Water Users Associations in Uzbekistan: The Introduction of a New Institutional Arrangement for Local Water Management

Resul Yalcin, Peter P. Mollinga

NeWater D 1.3.1

Transboundary River Basin Management - State-of-the-art review on transboundary regimes and information management in the context of adaptive management

G.T. Raadgever, E. Mostert

NeWater D 1.3.2

Adaptive Water Management in Transboundary Contexts - Common Research Agenda

Nicole Kranz, Eduard Interwies, Antje Vorwerk, Tom Raadgeever, Jos Timmerman

NeWater D 1.3.4

Assessing Adaptive Management - Development of the framework for assessing transboundary river basin management regimes

G.T. Raadgever, E. Mostert, N. Kranz, E. Interwies, J.G. Timmerman

NeWater D 1.3.5a

Determinants of Transboundary Water Management in the Amudarya Basin

Nicole Kranz, Antje Vorwerk

NeWater D 1.3.5b

Challenges for adaptive management at the transboundary scale. Report from the stakeholder meeting in Tashkent, 22 April 2008

Nicole Kranz

NeWater D 1.3.6a

Institution-Based Water Regime Analysis Orange-Senqu Basin. Emerging river basin organisation for adaptive water management

Nicole Kranz, Rodrigo Vidaurre

NeWater D 1.3.6b

Participation in Transboundary Water Management - Fostering Adaptive Capacity? - The Case of the Orange–Senqu Basin

Nicole Kranz

NeWater D 1.3.7a

This Deliverable is combined with D 1.2.6. as a chapter in D 3.2.4


NeWater D 1.3.7b

This Deliverable is included in D 1.2.7


NeWater D 1.4.1

Framework for Integrated Design of Water and Land Management Systems - Towards robust water-space partnerships as a basis for adaptive water management

P.E.V. van Walsum, J.C.J.H. Aerts, J. Krywkow, A. van der Veen, H. der Nederlanden , M. Q. Bos, B.T. Ottow

NeWater D 1.4.2

WATERWISE - A Planning Tool for Adaptive Land and Water Management

Paul van Walsum

NeWater D 1.4.3

This Deliverable is combined with D 1.4.2


NeWater D 1.4.4

Report on Applications of Waterwise and lessons learned in the NeWater case study areas Rhine, Elbe and Nile

Fons Jaspers, Catharien Terwisscha van Scheltinga, Paul van Walsum, Annemarie Groot, Christian Siderius, Koen Roest

NeWater D 1.4.5

This Deliverable is combined with D 1.4.4.


NeWater D 1.5.1

Buffering Capacity Assesment as a mean to promote Adaptive Management Alternatives in Water Quantity Issues towards the Integration of the Buffering - Capacity Concept in Decision Making Processes

Julien Lerat

NeWater D 1.5.2 Part A

Case Study Database - Part A. Focus on the Rhine Basin

Julien Lerat, Bastien Abadie, Vazken Andreassian, Charles Perrin

NeWater D 1.5.2 Part B

Case Study Database - Part B. The Caia Reservoir (Guadiana Basin)

Julien Lerat, Bastien Abadie, Vazken Andreassian, Charles Perrin

NeWater D 1.5.3 Part A

Catchment Domain Model - Part A. Focus on the Rhine Basin - What to expect from simple approaches in hydrological modelling?

Julien Lerat, Bastien Abadie, Vazken Andreassian, Charles Perrin

NeWater D 1.5.3 Part B

Catchment Domain Model - Part B. Focus on the Guadiana Basin - Modelling the diversity of buffering capacity on semi-arid catchments

Julien Lerat, Per Rasmussen, Hans-Jørgen Henriksen, Vazken Andreassian, Charles Perrin, Jean-Luc Payan, Heidi Barlebo

NeWater D 1.5.4

Inventory of Climate and Management Scenarios - Rhine and Guadiana Basins

Stefano Barchiesi, Katharine Cross, Mark Smith

NeWater D 1.5.5

Rainfall Simulation Toolbox - Towards Uncertainty Assessment in Buffering Capacity Management

Julien Lerat, Claude Michel, Vazken Andreassian, Charles Perrin, Jean-Luc Payan

NeWater D 1.5.6

Methods to use the Domain Models in an Adaptive Management Perspective - Bridging the gap between simulation models and stakeholders

Julien Lerat, Jean-Luc Payan, Per Rasmussen, Pedro Zorrilla Miras, Hans Jørgen Henriksen, Vazken Andréassian, Charles Perrin, Cécile Loumagne

NeWater D 1.6.1

Critical Review on Existing Monitoring Systems

Raffaele Giordano, Michele Vurro

NeWater D 1.6.2

Data Requirements and Data Management for supporting adaptive management analysis

I. Borowski, C. Pahl-Wostl, C. Knieper, B. Kastens, G. Holtz

NeWater D 1.6.3

Integration of local and technical Knowledge for Adaptive Water Management

Raffaele Giordano, Michele Vurro, Vito F. Uricchio

NeWater D 1.6.4

The Advanced Monitoring and Information System (AMIS) - A GIS-based System for Soil Salinity Assessment and Monitoring - Manual

Stefan Liersch

NeWater D 1.6.5a

Integrating Monitoring and Modelling to support Flood Risk Assessment

Stefan Liersch, Raffaele Giordano, Michele Vurro

NeWater D 1.6.5b

Monitoring Design Process in Amudarya River Basin

Raffaele Giordano, Stefan Liersch, Michele Vurro

NeWater D 1.6.5c

The Adaptive Monitoring Information System

Raffaele Giordano, Stefan Liersch, Michele Vurro

NeWater D 1.7.1

This Deliverable is combined with D 1.1.4


NeWater D 1.7.1d

(submitted to a journal)

Report on the usefulness of the relational concept of uncertainty for adaptive management

Marcela Brugnach et al.

NeWater D 1.7.2


Application of MTF to Case Study Analysis. Design and Implementation

C. Pahl-Wostl, C. Knieper, B. Kastens, G. Holtz, D. Hirsch

NeWater D 1.7.3a

The Role of Uncertainty, Ambiguity and Framing in Transition to Adaptive Management. About knowing too little, accepting not to know and knowing too differently

Art Dewulf, Greet François, Marcela Brugnach, Nicola Isendahl, Tharsi Taillieu, Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Sabine Moellenkamp

NeWater D 1.7.3b




NeWater D 1.7.3c


Options for improving dealing with Uncertainties in Water Management - Results from the Wupper and the Kromme Rijn

Nicola Isendahl, Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Art Dewulf

NeWater D 1.7.4a


Development of a Model to Analyze Transitions to Adaptive Management Regimes. Incorporating the Role of Humans and Cultute in Decision Making

Marcela Brugnach, Claudia Pahl-Wostl

NeWater D 1.7.4d

(submitted to a journal)

Paper on evaluation and validation process of the Upper Guadiana Basin, Spain

Marcela Brugnach et al.

NeWater D 1.7.5

Report on the Adaptive DSS, Conceptual Approach and Application in Case

Jaroslav Mysiak, Raziyeh Farmani, Raffaele Giordano, Zsuzsanna Nagy

NeWater D 1.7.5b (I)

Agro-Economic Model for Analyzing Policy Scenarios and Cost-Effectiveness of Policy Measures, Linking Water and Agricultural Policy - Development of a prototype model

Consuelo Varela-Ortega, Gema Carmona, Irene Blanco

NeWater D 1.7.5b (II)

Field Work Report in the Upper Guadiana Basin (Spain)

Consuelo Varela-Ortega, Irene Blanco, Gema Carmona, Paloma Esteve

NeWater D 1.7.5b (III)

Stakeholder Meeting 2: Economic and Agronomic Aspects of Water Management in the Upper Guadiana Basin (Spain) - Madrid, 29Th May 2006

Consuelo Varela-Ortega, Irene Blanco, Paloma Esteve

NeWater D 1.7.5b (IV)

Adaptive Management of Water Resources: Stakeholder Participation for Vulnerability and Adaptation Analysis using Weap - Report of the WEAP21 use for water management in the upper Guadiana basin (Spain)

Consuelo Varela-Ortega, Ricardo Rapallo, Irene Blanco

NeWater D 1.7.6c

Development of an Integrated Agro-Economic-Hydrological Modelling Framework - Vulnerability analysis and adaptive capacity of different policy options, linking agricultural and water policies

Consuelo Varela-Ortega, Paloma Esteve, Thomas E. Downing, Sukaina Bharwani

NeWater D 1.7.7a

This Deliverable is included in D 1.7.7d


NeWater D 1.7.7b

This Deliverable is published as book section in D 6.2.2


NeWater D 1.7.7d

Deliverable accordingly task 1.7.7d Elbe: Institutional adaptation to climate change - current status and future strategies in the Elbe basin

Sabine Möllenkamp, Britta Kastens

NeWater D 1.7.9a

Formal Comparative Analysis of Adaptive Capacity of Water Management Regimes in four European Sub Basins

Patrick Huntjens, Claudia Pahl-Wostl, John Grin

NeWater D 1.7.9b

The role of adaptive and integrated water management (AIWM) in developing climate change adaptation strategies for dealing with floods or droughts - A formal comparative analysis of eight water management regimes in Europe, Asia, and Africa

Patrick Huntjens, Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Benoit Rihoux, Zsuzsanna Flachner, Susana Neto, Romana Koskova, Maja Schlueter, Issah Nabide Kiti, Chris Dickens

NeWater D 1.7.9c

"Comparative Analyses of Adaptive Governance in Integrated River Basin Management". Special Issue in Regional Enviromental Change

C. Pahl-Wostl, A. Ross (guest eds.)