SP 11: Training and Guidance Material

The major goal of the NeWater project was to develop a theoretical and practical framework to support the transition of existing water management regimes towards greater adaptivity. Based on this framework specific approaches and tools have been tested and further developed for practical applications in various river basins.

This booklet and the enclosed CD-ROM/website present the structured approach to the construction and implementation of Train-the-Trainer (TtT) workshops developed under the NeWater project to support the transition towards adaptive water management regimes.

You can download the booklet and visit the website with supplementary materials (optimised for Internet Explorer).

Aim of the training material

The main objective of the training material and workshop reports presented in this document is to disseminate the knowledge and experience collected and developed in the NeWater Project and other research projects concerned with Adaptive Water Management (AWM). The focus of the training is upon increasing the awareness of the participants, to encourage the adaptive aspects of the principles behind Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) as defined by the Global Water Partnership and the use of tools tailored to realise AWM.

The training material, which has been developed and applied within the NeWater case study areas, is intended to support water managers in the implementation of their tasks in various aspects and phases of AWM. It represents the link needed for the use of tools to support the transition to AWM based on the key drivers and vulnerabilities identified in the case study areas involved in this project. When possible, the feedback, comments and evaluation of the workshop training were used to enhance the training materials.

Who is this booklet for?

The content of this booklet is intended to provide insights and examples for those interested in the training elements of Adaptive Water Management. The accompanying CD-ROM/website will provide extra information to those who, after reading the booklet, are interested in more specific information concerning adaptive management tools, the case studies involved in the NeWater project, reports on the outcomes of the workshops and other background material.

Contents of the booklet

1 Provides a general background to the training materials applied within the NeWater project and defines the way in which the current document and supporting material can be used.
2 Explains what the principles of Adaptive Water Management (AWM) are and how they fit with Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). It describes the drivers for and advantages to AWM and the key components of the “policy cycle”
3 This chapter explains how the workshops and tools have been developed to be compatible with the AWM cycle using the thematic basis. It provides an overview of the training structure and tools that have been applied.
4 This chapter provides information on the experiences of the Train the Trainer workshops organised at each of the sites involved in the NeWater project. It highlights the various water management issues faced at each site, gives an overview of the specific tools used and briefly describes the experience gained from the utilisation of the NeWater tools.
5 The final chapter documents the changes that were made to the tools and materials as a result of feedback from the workshops, hence highlighting specific issues of concern but also presenting general recommendations for future training programmes.


Training and Guidance Booklet for Adaptive Water Management
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