SP 6: Cross-Comparison of Climate Change Adaptation Strategies across Regions

Necessity for climate change adaptation

Historically, water resources management was based on the assumption of stationary conditions. However, in view of climate change this is not valid anymore. The water management rules, approaches and procedures for designing infrastructure have to be changed, taking into account higher uncertainty. Therefore, adaptation to climate change effects and impacts is gaining increasing relevance on the global and European political agenda.

Comparison of strategies

A cross-comparison of climate change adaptation strategies across regions was performed in the NeWater project, considering six large river basins as case study areas. Three of the basins, namely the Elbe, Guadiana, and Rhine, are located in Europe, the Nile Equatorial Lakes (NEL) region (or the upper Nile basin) and the Orange are in Africa, and the Amudarya is in Central Asia (Fig. 1). The evaluation was based mainly on the opinions of policy makers and water management experts in the river basins, and also involved recent national reports.

Case studies that were considered in the comparisons of climate change adaptation strategies
Fig. 1.: Six river basins (including the NEL region) used as case study areas for the cross-comparison of adaptation strategies


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You can download the complete results of the cross-comparison here.


Cross comparison results
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