SP 3: Tailoring NeWater Insights to EU Policy Processes

The overall aim of this product was to “merge” the present burning EU water policy questions (especially those linked to adaptive water resources management and climate change) with key insights from the NeWater project. In so doing, NeWater intends to support the integration of new insights into practical water policy and water management. To support national and international policy-makers in their decisions governing further funding programmes, elements of research that are expected to become of relevance in the medium and long term are identified. The product at hand is based on a demand-driven perspective. It asks what are the burning policy questions/issues, in particular, and what are the specific NeWater contributions to addressing them?

The target group of this product is the European policy level, i.e. water policy officers at the European Commission (e.g. DG ENV, DG RTD). EU water policy aims to give as much guidance and support as possible to water managers and decision makers at basin level, e.g. through the Common Implementation Strategy (CIS). The EU policy level is the ideal interface for exchange and consultation between research, policy making, management planning and, finally, the implementation of RBMPs.

This report was developed in two phases: identification of the policy questions and mapping the NeWater results.

  1. Identification of the policy questions was based on the analysis of central water policy documents (see next section) and expert interviews with key persons from the European Commission (seven officers from DG Environment and DG Research).
  2. Based on the policy questions identified, a collaborative process within the project consortium was set up to map all relevant knowledge developed within the NeWater project. Active participation by NeWater partners is crucial to the success of this work.

The starting point for identifying the relevant outcomes of NeWater were the different deliverables developed in NeWater.

The complete report (38 pages) is available here (or see at the end of this page). A summary targeted to water policy-makers and water managers in the basins is presented in the 15-page NeWater results brochureAdaptive Integrated Water Resources Management (AWM): Explicitly addressing today’s challenges”.

In addition, a special results brochure for the Amudarya was developed by the Amudarya Case Study Team and is available in English, Russian and Uzbek (see Amudarya Case Study page)


Full report on Tailoring NeWater Insights to EU Policy Processes
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