Model of Water Management Regimes

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Niederrhein Flood Protection Experiments
HTML Framework - Introduction
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    and Underlying Concepts
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  • Application of Grammar of Institutions
  • Model Description
  • Model Description
    (NeWater Milestone 1.2.3)

    This work is developed in the NeWater project(oneway) and is work in progress. NeWater deliverable 1.2.3 (download) (December 2006) explains the first approach to a modelling framework which can be used to assess adaptive capacity of water management regimes in agent-based models.

    Information regarding the model framework

    Introduction to the Framework (May 2008)

    This introductory page describes the framework itself. The models described below are applications of this framework. In addition, information is given about: You can use the framework description as entry point or the table of contents as a red thread through all resources on this website.

    History of applications of the model framework

    Floodprotection in the Niederrhein (March 2008)

    The current version of the Floodprotection Model using the Niederrhein as an example is described in detail, including discussion of preliminary results.

    Floodprotection as an upstream-downstream problem (November 2007)(oneway)

    This model uses the modelling framework developed as part of NeWater deliverable 1.2.3 and is a model of Floodprotection management, using the Rhine as case. A preliminary model description (download) is provided as well as a Java applet(oneway). Please note, that this is an earlier version of the model linked above.

    Economic experiments with and without communication (December 2006)(oneway)

    As described in the deliverable mentioned above, the framework is illustrated using appropriation experiments conducted by Elinor Ostrom and her colleagues and can be run as a Java applet(oneway).
    Author: Eva.Ebenhoeh@usf.Uni-Osnabrueck.DE