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Accepted contributions will be grouped into sessions according to the priorities chosen by the authors from the topic list.

Adaptive water management

*       Concepts and paradigms

*       Water management regimes

*       Experience in practical cases

*       Comparative case study analysis

*       Methods for comparative analysis of adaptive water management regimes


*        Concepts and methods to deal with

*        Experience from practical cases in
          water management

*        Connecting theory with practice

Measure performance of water management

*        Vulnerability assessment

*        Adaptive capacity, resilience

*        Limits to adaptation

Understanding and managing change

*        Concepts for change and transition

*        Social learning and negotiation

*        Conflict management

*        Transition management

Adaptive and multi-level water governance

*       Linking levels in water governance from
          local to global

*       What makes water governance adaptive

*       Role of participation and informal

*       Transboundary governance regimes

*       Multi-level water governance: Coping with problems of scale

Climate change & implications for water management

*      Climate change scenarios and
          implication for hydrological regimes

*       How to cope with climate change in
          water management?

Ecosystem flows

*       Ecosystem water requirements and
          ecosystem services

*       Institutions to allocate water to nature

Sectoral integration

*       Concepts for achieving integration

*        From administrative to hydrological

*        Spatial planning

*        Agriculture

Novel tools and frameworks  for implementation of adaptive and integrated management strategies

*       Monitoring and information management

*        Planning and decision support

*        Participatory modelling

Themes targeted at policy and practitioners community

*       New management approaches - transfer
          between science and policy/practice

*       Criteria for success

*       Guidance and tools for practitioners

*       Exchange of experience between
          North and South

*        European Water Policy

*        Water Framework Directive

*        European Water Initiative



Calls for papers have been launched for specific sessions. Please contact the organizer for further information:

Multi-Level Water Governance: Coping with Problems of Scale jens.newig@usf.uni-osnabrueck.de
Multi-Level Implications of Global Water Governance daniel.petry@uni-bonn.de
Comparative case study analysis comparing adaptiveness of water management regimes sabine.moellenkamp@usf.uni-osnabrueck.de
Climate change and water management h.vanschaik@unesco-ihe.org
Bridging science, policy and the implementation of environmental flows Katharine.Cross@iucn.org
Uncertainty in Adaptive Management: From Theory to Practice Marcela Brugnach, mbrugnac@usf.uos.de
Peter Van der Keur, pke@geus.dk
Jaroslav Mysiak, jaroslav.mysiak@feem.it
Managing change towards adaptive and integrated water management pahl@usf.uni-osnabrueck.de
Public participation in transboundary river basins kranz@ecologic.de
System Dynamics modeling for adaptive learning and management of river floodplains sendzim@iiasa.ac.at
Urban Flood Management (Hamburg-London-Dordrecht)
Water in Asian Megacities sghoshcbe@rediffmail.com
Contextualising Economic Instruments for Adaptive Water Management Maria Manez (mmanez@usf.uni-osnabrueck.de)
Edi Interwies (Interwies@intersus.eu)

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