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Here you find a list of all full papers based on abstracts which have been available before start of the conference. Feel free to download the updated cd on www.newater.uos.de/caiwa. This post conference version will include all abstracts represented at the conference.
Full papers submitted for book publishing are not available completely in this place due to copyright reasons. Only abstracts of them. The complete full papers are published in a book available at Springer Verlag

Monday, 12th November

Session B1
AM Concepts and Paradigms

Session B2
Experience in practical cases 1

Session B3
Climate change, impact and responses in water mangement 1

Session B4
Uncertainty 1

Tuesday, 13th November

Session D1
Water management regimes

Session D2
Experience in practical cases 2

Session D3
Vulnerability assessment 1

Session D4
Multi-level Governance

Session D5
From guidance to planning support 1

Session E1
Economics and Adaptive Water Management

Session E2
Experience in practical cases 3

Session E3
Connection theory with practice

Session E4
Role of participation and informal institutions

Session E5
From guidance to planning support 2

Session F1
Linking levels in water governance from local to global

Session F2
Climate change, impact and responses in water mangement 2

Session F3

Session F4
Comparative case study analysis

Thursday, 14th November

Session G1
Transition 1: Learning in actor networks

Session G2
Adaptive capacity, resilience 1

Session G3
Uncertainty 2a

Session G4
Coping with climate change in water management?

Session H1
Transition 2: Actor strategies

Session H2
Environmental flow requirements

Session H3
Uncertainty 2b

Session H4
Basin Governance and WFD

Session J1
Transition 3: Social networks and knowledge diffusion

Session J2
Social learning and public paticipation

Session J3

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